Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The one in the middle

Hannah Montana's famous quote "THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS" now actually seem really applicable to me. I usually get so murderously irritated whenever people compare me with that very fake blond but talented fictional character. As much as i lamely try to pretend i dont mind, the fact remains that i really 'do' mind. Trying to hide it comes in a large variety of methods ranging to lying about my origins (Lee Ha Nnah is a name my korean great grandparents gave), somehow that makes me feel less inferior to the teen goddess/idol/dewi/godlike/beauty) and sometimes i simply just brush it off as: Nahh, i'm way cooler than that blondie (notice that i try to go blonde). But in reality, every time someone compares me to that incredibly impossible character - its like a stab in my chest saying "IN YOUR FACE!"

What's my worst nightmare? Well, it starts with the word "M" and its not 'mother' or 'mayonnaise'. I loath from the depth of my heart - the revelation that concludes my life inferior and everything that i am affiliated to as mediocre. It came to a point where i actually find it offensive to be just.. 'normal'.Life almost seem like a really quick HD but still low budgeted indie production. Where the character is a 'blah' and the story goes like 'blah' but in the end people admire it, and say.. "Wow, that was meaningful but..... i've seen better". Sure life has been meaningful, but it wasn't G.R.E.A.T.

Uni Life is a very typical example. The true Ha Nnah is a crazy *beep* person who can actually loose some of that super tight control. But over the years of well cultivated fa├žade somehow corroded away the girl i once was. Some call it "growing up". I call it : "survival" I don't suffer extinction like the freakishly cute pandas in China, what i do suffer from is the insane urge to stop, stare, and then make a conscious effort to conform. Such irony. Hearing nags after nags about ways to overcome the perils of 'peer pressure' and to think that i finally know what it means when i reach 20. Heck, at least i learnt something in that two decade of life. Not complaining.. simply noting. Back to complaining about Uni Life, (i love it btw) but sometimes it tears me apart. Half of me wants to be the 4 pointer. Another half craves for some adventure, some fun! (thats why i took up latin dancing classes) But unlike my blessed days in MBS, i dont get the full package. I find myself torn between the two worlds. Sometimes, its War of the Worlds. Reminiscing about the good old past didn't help either.

Being the social animal that i am, i am a person that have a high need for affiliation, power and achievement! Affiliation comes first because i want people to be there to celebrate my power and achievement.. Despicable? Well.. try waking up one day and feeling disgusted with your self. Disgusted, but still in love. (i do not hate myself like some random emo teenager. i'm 21 this year for God's sake, so over that now) A true dilemma.

new hairstyle :)

According to the Law of Parsimony, the simplest explanation would usually be the more generally accepted one. Therefore i conclude, that to overcome this seemingly huge but invisible block of trial, i shall triumph over it by simply STRIVING TO BE GOOD IN BOTH WORLDS. Even if it means realigning the way i spend my resources (time, effort, money). I am moving forward (hoping it is the right direction) and whoevergets in my way.. I'll!!!!!!... well... i'll just have to ignore them and go around.

Monday, February 8, 2010

i hate ke$ha

Honestly, judging by her Tick Tock video.. Makes me wonder how such a unique singer (in this case 'talker') can have the nerve to behave like an idiotic air head. I look at her and thought.. okay, cheap video, super thick prostitute make up, and mostly drunk bad girl attitude".
Maybe that's what it takes to top Lady Gaga's creative trail. If you cant be super creative and innovative in the way you make music videos, just throw in sex sex sex and SEX then everyone will say its good.

This world is deteriorating. Time to save up for the Migration to Pandora. I wanna ride the flower rhino thingy. I shall name it Pooka!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Faizal Tahir

This guy, has a great voice! and i mean.. G.R.E.A.T voice! almost as good as... erm Adam Lambert? Well, he definitely has better stage presence than that Fearless b!tch... and Fearless as in.. the one who swiftly tortured me during the Grammys with her pathetic singing. Yes. I am here by officially proclaiming to be a Taylor Swift hater. Really... Gaga had a much much more creative album, and you cant compare to Beyonce's or the BEP! Seriously, i do not appreciate songs that are all about "I'm Juliet and you are Romeo"... *beeP* Gwad, the thought of it makes me wanna curse :D (and that's a good thing!)

Back to the married man with two children, (yes, cant believe he is so unavailable so quickly) he most definitely hit a chord with me xD
Malaysians... give him an ear~ 1 Malaysia lol

And.. I have a new pair of glasses :D Initially, I sort of regretted getting this frame.

But then later loved it as i noticed how cute it made me look. Not to mention young! Gawd, i have old age phobia. As you can see the frame is rather thick and nerdy. But, then again it's the trend :x So, i was thinking, owh what the heck! Spock has it~ Rain has it~ Robert has it~ I'm only doing what a devoted fan ought to :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Godlike Beckham - Tatoos and Hair

I came across this video and i must say.. (the obvious) -
David Beckham is undeniably gorgeous.
He is the epitome of a very well portrayed M.A.N. Good dad, good career, yeah he makes mistakes ( cheating with the nanny?) but at least he didn't chicken out of his marriage. Then again, who knows what Victoria is capable of. Anyway, the fact that he has a hot wife who happens to be born with a 100% authentic lanci face- doesn't deter the appeal, or the charms he has to simply attract women of all ages, more specifically those who are ovulating. *clears throat* I mean, despite my 'traditional' views, i really wont mind having his babies :D (ok, lets stop at that and look at some pictures)

George Lopez seems to be really enjoying himself. Well, who wouldn't?!

As a girl, I've always noticed that hair stylists - typically male ones- have good sense of fashion. Remember those awkward moments where you're sitting down and trying really hard to keep your posture good and not fall asleep with your mouth open(in case that ever happens), because you know your hair stylist is a HOT dude that looks really stylish and a very minute chance he might see your inner true beauty and dumps his slut girlfriend for you. yes. you, the random customer often with either hair that're too dry or too oily.

Anyway, Beckham definately fits THAT criteria. OMG! can u imagine how crowded his hair salon will be if he ever decides to open one? who cares if he barely made any changes to my hair, he TOUCHED it didnt he?! That's called.. CHANGE period.
OMG.. imagine if he did it topless. *nosebleed*


Monday, December 28, 2009

Sherlock Holmes : A rather biased review

I believe I have just witnessed the ultimately- most 'endearing' movie of the year. I really liked the 'friendship' theme hidden beneath all those muscles and mystery. Not that i have any other thoughts of any other movies screened in 2009 (at the moment - cause im still so jaded)
Sherlock Holmes blew my mind cold! like, literally. And i'm not talking about the jokes. The movie was classically Holmes-y and very detective-y. The plot was intriguing and the characters were all total dolls(
means very easy to like). I just love the way Robert's character messes with Jude's. It was a real LOL.

Watson(Jude) just risked his own life to save the seemingly oblivious and ungreatlful Holmes(Robert)

Hurrah!! to the person who decided to pair up Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law together. Their combination was rather electric!!! Robert being the (+) charge and Jude a.k.a Mr. Watson(the pharmacist!* get it?! wahahaha) as the (-) charge, i could have sworn i saw some yaoi sparks flying on screen! Ok, no la~ sorry i imagination got ahead of me. opps.
So the movie is a MUST SEE! and what i adore most in this film is the pathetic unrequited love of a man, (Holmes) to his B.F.F (Watson). Friendly love - to be more specific, dont worry guys this movie ain't a Patah Belakang Gunung its pure humorously plotted action with a supernatural twist. No pesky romance nonsense. (which was FANTASTIC,
im just so sick of girl boy lame romance lol)

Even in serious scenes like this (which is totally NON HALAL) they manage to squeeze in some real LOL-ing humor!

One of the best scenes is the 'lepas geram session at the wrestling ring'. Owhh.. all those muscles~ all those yumminess.. i tell you when a man puts in so much effort to look THAT good, good girls like me can only play my part by ooogling~ and giving appropriate sound effect that demonstrates awe and wonder - when the time is right.

Not only am i a B.I.G fan of Mr.Robert (Iron Man~ Tropic Thunder~), i too am a fan of muscular-genius-very-skilled-in-ninjutsu-black-haired men.. or was it taijutsu? hmm.. Ok, so maybe this is the part where i try to sell the idea to the male population that reads my blog(despite how minute it is, it is NOT navigable).
The movie has interesting kick-ass action. The fighting scenes is something very uncommon and the director (Guy Richie - Madonna's ex hubby) managed to make it comically yeng! Other than that, the female supporting actress is one nasty-hot-tight villainess- ish (that word does not exist) She is sort of like the nice piece of mint leaf on top of the super yummy dark chocolate fudge(that would be a parable for Mr.Robert) with hazel nuts (that would be Jude Law).

Robert in Tropic Thunder - He's a man playing a man who's trying to be another man

Here he is in Iron Man. Cant wait for Iron Man II!

Although there were some downsides to the movie. Like how poorly developed the main villain is, and how redundant some characters are and the ridiculously exciting 'to be continued' ending .. NEVERTHELESS!! The rest is for you to judge~ So, GO WATCH!

hehe~ i know, i'm shameless..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lina Inverse

My dota virginity has been completely obliterated. Not only did i just found out that dota actually stands for Defense Of The Ancients i also found out(abit too lame-ly) the marvels of the Warcraft world...
I guess, hating it was probably my form of denial. Cause... i knew it in my heart that once i start to like it... i'll obsess over it.
So now, not only am i obsessing over finals, EdwardXBellaXJacob, i have DOTA to dream about.
Perfect.. just p.e.r.f.e.c.t....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

omg! i fell in love

With who you might ask?
the answer is in fact.. a WHAT!

Show you some of my cute face first :)

(in case u didnt get it, re-ask: With WHAT you might ask?)*sentence is weird i know..*

it's... FOOTBALL!!!!!!

So, i do admit i'm out of topics to blog.. and also, a bit outdated.. Still, i finally understand why some ppl can stay up at 3am to watch live football.. that's because it's exciting lol. I urge everyone who's anti-ball.. to stare at the tv when you're at the mamak! That's whr i discovered the excitement of BIRG-ing (Basking in Reflected Glory)
Haha, so there you have it, my first Uni love... FOOTBALL~

note: imma newbie tht just wanna see how the ball get into the goal, it's PSYCHOLOGY!

Double note: i also got crush la AND! it's human btw.... a very macho guy with shoulder length dark silky hair and sexy nerd glasses.. wears black all the time~ broad shoulders... muscular torso~~ one day i'll draw his pic and show you! He is very drawable~ (and he doesnt know i exits T_T)